The promoter is the General Directorate of Libraries, Archives, and Cultural Heritage of the Ministry of Culture, Tourism, and Sports, with the technicians of the Works and Projects Service of said Ministry drafting the project. The budget for the work is 43,253 euros (VAT included), and the successful bidder was RC OBRAS SAU.

The project defines the actions aimed at improving the nesting conditions of the lesser kestrel in the attic of this property located in the urban SPA of Cáceres; therefore, the actions are included within the conservation actions that are part of the LIFE ZEPAURBAN Project for the Management of Urban SPAs in Extremadura.

These activities are part of Action C2 “Adaptation of the nesting sites in buildings managed by the General Directorate of Cultural Heritage of Extremadura", in which the General Directorate of Libraries, Archives, and Cultural Heritage and the General Directorate of Sustainability (former General Directorate of the Environment) both participate.

As a complement to the activities undertaken in 2018 at this building (conditioning the existing putlog holes on its façades for the nesting of the lesser kestrel) the objective set out in the current works will consist of the installation of a metal service walkway in the attic that will ease access to the 28 nesting boxes (newly created) that are planned to be installed under the roof of the building's three main eaves.

In addition, it is planned to install 4 outdoor nests on one of the roofs of the building and, taking advantage of the auxiliary means, various repair and maintenance jobs will be carried out on the roof -- jobs which will consist, among others, of the installation of a door with metal mesh to prevent the entry of pigeons into the attic, as well as some repairs on the roof.

This action will contribute to improving the nesting sites of the lesser kestrel colony that inhabits the property, as well as to facilitating the conservation and maintenance of the building's roof.