Next 24th November there will be VIII Meeting of the Bloggers of Extremadura at the headquarters of the Xavier de Salas Foundation in Trujillo. The meeting, financed by funds from FEDER, is sponsored by the General Directorate of Tourism of the Council of the Economy and Infrastructure of the Government of Extremadura. On this occasion, the theme of the meeting is the nature of the towns and villages of Extremadura, which is why the organisers have asked for a presentation about the LIFE-ZEPAURBAN project. During the presentation there will be several pointers on the principal ways in which the project is related to the conservation of nature in towns and villages of Extremadura, and in the SPAs that have been declared in urban areas because of the presence of lesser kestrels. Furthermore, during the meeting there will be the presentation of the book “Extremadura, naturaleza urbana” in which the project LIFE-ZEPAURBAN is also represented.

On behalf of LIFE-ZEPAURBAN we would like to show our appreciation at the opportunity that the organisers of this event have offered us to present the project. If you would like to know more about the LIFE-ZEPAURBAN project, and about the rich natural heritage of our towns and villages in Extremadura, please sign-up for this meeting. Remember that space is limited and the registration has to be through this address:

More information and the complete programme: