On 15th February 2017 the first Scientific Committee meeting was held as part of the LIFE15 NAT/ES/001016 project on the “Management of urban ZEPAs for the conservation of the lesser kestrel in Extremadura”, LIFE-ZEPAURBAN.

The Scientific Committee of the LIFE-ZEPAURBAN project acts as a consultative and advisory body and has invited the participation of experts with proven experience in various aspects of the biology of the lesser kestrel from a conservationist, technical, and scientific perspective. The main functions of the Scientific Committee include the providing of scientific criteria for decision-making regarding the actions, in particular as far as work methodology is concerned.

This first Committee meeting will include a brief overall presentation of the project and also an analysis of the methodology of actions A1 (an initial census of the lesser kestrel population in urban ZEPAs and roosts in Extremadura) and A2 (a study of the feeding habitat of the lesser kestrel in urban ZEPAs and roosts in Extremadura). Attached information is included on both actions together with a summary of the LIFE project.