Distribution of nest boxes LIFE-ZEPAURBAN

As part of action A6 nest boxes are being manufactured industrially by the partner Prefabricados Extremadura 2002 and are available for installation in colonies of lesser kestrels.

Once the design phase was over, undertaken primarily by DEMA, testing was carried out in laboratories by INTROMAC, a partner in the LIFE project responsible for new materials as well as in the Church of the Purification in the SPA (Lesser kestrel colonies of Almendralejo”. The nest boxes developed in the framework of the LIFE-ZEPAURBAN project are now being produced and are ready for installation. 


New nest boxes were installed under the eaves of the roof of the Church of La Purificación of Almendralejo

One of the key actions of the LIFE-ZEPAURBAN project is action A6, the industrial manufacture of mortar-cork nest boxes for the lesser kestrel. The main objective is to test the efficiency of a new design and materials for the construction of nest boxes for this species with improved technical and ethological conditions that allow the improving of its breeding success.