The General Directorate of the Environment (DGMA), as the overall coordinator of the project will be responsible for the direction, coordination and technical, administrative and economic management of the project and its actions throughout the whole duration of the project.

For effective coordination and management, a Management Committee will be constituted, in which will participate on behalf of the DGMA, the Project Director, the General Coordinator, the Finance Coordinator, as well as a Coordinator from each partner.

A meeting of the Management Committee will take place at the start of the project and then two coordination meetings will take place annually in Mérida, in principle in the headquarters of DGMA, although where possible an attempt will be made to coincide it with other events such as meetings of the Scientific Committee (action F2) or with the International Congress (action E2).

These meetings will be the formal link between the partners of the project and will facilitate collective decision-making. At least one representative from each partner, a representative of the Scientific Committee, as well as from the DGMA, the Project Director and General Coordinator of the Project will attend.

Project Director: The Director of Protected Areas of the Nature Conservation and Protected Areas Service of the DGMA will assume this role, with the following tasks:

  • Preside over the Management Committee of the project and the coordination meetings with the partners.
  • Be the interlocutor of the project with the Commission and be responsible for the circulation of project documentation to all partners, entities, groups or individuals.
  • Be responsible for the supervision and submission of progress, mid-term and final reports.
  • Be responsible for public relations, work with institutions and be the contact person for information processes.

General Coordinator of the Project, with the following tasks:

  • Coordination of the activities and financial coordination of the LIFE Project.
  • Compilation and verification of the technical documentation generated by the project partners and to do what is necessary for producing the reports for the Commission.
  • Organisation of the project Management Committee meetings and preparation of the minutes.
  • Support to the Project Director in the elaboration and presentation of the reports in the different European and international forums and meetings in which the project will participate.
  • Monitoring the actions of the project and confirming that all the activities are being carried out as stipulated in the project and comply with the requirements of the European Commission, and checking that the development of all of the actions are being done according to the criteria of compatibility with the values of Natura 2000 and specifically those for the lesser kestrel.
  • Coordination and verification of the quality of the project’s products.
  • Preparing the technical reports derived from the project and requested by the technical leadership of the project.
  • Preparation of progress, mid-term and final reports with payment requests for the LIFE project.
  • Channelling the measures that programme, initiate and plan the project, evaluating their contents, application and working as well as the meeting objectives.
  • Requesting budgets for the implementation of work and the materials that are necessary for the correct execution of the proposed actions.

Finance Coordinator of the project will address the following tasks:

  • Economic monitoring of the project.
  • Compilation and verification of the administrative and financial documentation generated within the framework of the project, being in permanent communication with those responsible for finance management in the partners.
  • Responsible for the coordination, together with the General Coordinator, for the reports with payment requests.
  • Beneficiary Coordinator: Each of the representatives of the participating entities that are beneficiaries, based on the signing of an agreement of collaboration at the start of the project, with the following functions:
  • Maintain a fluid and periodic communication with the General Coordinator of the project to ensure that he/she is kept informed at all times of the development of the actions that are being carried out by the beneficiary partner being represented.
  • Coordinate and prepare the technical reports necessary corresponding to their actions.
  • Inform the General Coordinator of the milestones reached in their activities.
  • Supervise the contracts and the actions of the project carried out by the partner with the purpose of ensuring correct implementation, based on the established procedures.
  • Supervise the implementation calendar for their actions.
  • Carry out financial control of the execution of the budget of the project with reference to the actions carried out by the partner.
  • Take part in the Management Committee meetings for the project.
  • Be responsible for ensuring that all the activities that are carried out agree with what is stipulated in the project and compliant with the requirements of the European Commission, checking that the development of the actions are based on the criteria for compatibility with the values of Natura 2000 and specifically those for lesser kestrel.

Scientific Adviser: hired by the Scientific Committee and to participate in all the meetings of the Monitoring Committee.

Professional Auditor: to carry out the auditing of expenditure based on the execution of the Project two years into the Project and again at the end.

All information about the project contained in the web will also be translated into English.

Responsible for Implementation: General Directorate of the Environment and the representative of each beneficiary partner.