The principal objective of this action is to give maximum publicity to the tourist product created in the action E9 (Creation of a Tourist Product based on the observation and conservation of the lesser kestrel).

It is considered fundamental to develop specific activities for the promotion and communication of this product to achieve the objectives proposed in action E9. These activities will be directed to create market visibility of the created tourist experiences, aiming to reach a large number of potential clients.

For this action, the collaboration of the Association of Environmental Journalists will be provided, giving as much support as possible to the project in communication and promotional work.

Also, promotional projects on bird tourism in Extremadura already developed by the General Directorate of Tourism (DGT) can also be used to promote the tourist product created for the lesser kestrel and to disseminate the objectives and results of the LIFE project.  

Here are the different activities that will be developed:

1. Dissemination of promotional material.

Promotional material created in the action E5 (Promotional Material for the Project) will be distributed in tourist offices in the municipalities of the project, to participating agents and in fairs and events specialised in nature in which the General Directorate of Tourism participates.

2. Promotional support for fairs and events.

Promotional material (created in action E4, Image and Communication of the Project) will be placed in all regional events and national and international fairs in which the DGT participates, which will contribute to provide visibility for the project and the creation of the tourist product based on the observation and conservation of the lesser kestrel.

3. Participation in events organised by the General Directorate of Tourism

The DGT has promoted the development of the tourist product Extremadura Birding, achieving the creation of numerous events, some promoted directly by the DGT and others by local administrations that have found birds to be an opportunity for economic and social development for their municipalities. 

On the other hand, an interest in an endangered species by tourists also favours the sensitisation of the local population about conservation problems.

The DGT will take part in different events where it will have its own stand, with this space also being used to promote the project, the Natura 2000 network, the urban SPAs and the created tourist products. Promotional material will be developed within the framework of this project with a promotional panel with an image, slogan and website visible.

The following events organised by the DGT will provide platforms:

Promotional work will also be done at these other regional events not organised by the DGT, which in which there is economic support and which are organised by the respective town halls:

4. Participation in specialised bird tourism fairs

The DGT annually takes part in the most relevant national and international specialist bird tourism fairs to promote the Birding in Extremadura Club and bird tourism in the region. In these national and international fairs in which DGT participates, the project will count on space to have the promotional panel and the means to distributive material about the project.

5. Tourist Communication Plan

The objective of this plan is to maintain the image and permanent activity of the tourist products created in the urban SPAs constantly in the national, provincial and local communication media.

This will consist in the publication of news, reports and articles, the undertaking of presentation events, participation in specialised bird tourism fairs and the organisation of Press Trips and specific promotional activities for journalists and writers.

The DGT will help with its data base of general and specialised communication media on-line and off-line, which it habitually uses for dissemination of news related to tourism.

News will be generated which will be of interest to the public in question. Press releases will be generated each month and there will be a follow-up of the news and its publication in different media. Furthermore, reports and articles will be produced in specialised media in the tourist sector and internet sites, as well as managing interviews with relevant people.

All of the products and tourist materials will include the logos of the LIFE funds, the Natura 2000 network and of the project.

Responsible for implementation: General Directorate of Tourism