The FITUR 2019 starts with the presence of our project LIFE-ZEPAURBAN in the official stand of Extremadura promoting the recently created product Urban Birding, whose objective is to promote tourism around birding in urban areas, especially the urban SPAs (Special Protection Areas for birds) in our region.

The Urban Birding product consists of the linkage of a tourist product, bringing together urban birds and the lesser kestrel with other strategic tourist elements such as heritage, gastronomy, nature, leisure etc.

Its objective is to create a series of experiences for the tourist that will allow the visitor to learn about and to enjoy watching urban birds, especially lesser kestrels in their urban habitats and in the adjacent areas frequented by the species.

The experiences that have been developed have been brought together in a catalogue that will be presented on Thursday 24th January at 12:30 in FITUR, within the professional programme of Extremadura. These experiences have been designed to promote the consumption of tourist services and leisure activities, use of infrastructures, equipment and installations, both general in nature as well as specifically conceived to enjoy the presence of the lesser kestrel.

Urban Birding has been developed within the project with European Funding LIFE ZEPAURBAN as an opportunity for the diversification and activation of tourism that will support the conservation of the lesser kestrels and other protected urban species. To achieve this, contact has been made with all the economic and professional agents in the different places that have participated in this initial phase: Zafra, Jerez de los Caballeros, Trujillo, Cáceres and Plasencia.

Enjoy urban birds!