The General Directorate of Tourism of the Regional Government of Extremadura will undertake, during the last quarter of 2019, the consolidation phase of the urban ornithological tourism initiative known as Urban Birding, whose protagonist is the lesser kestrel -- the only bird of prey that nests in colonies in urban centers, mainly in historical buildings.

This program, created last year within the context of the European Life ZEPAURBAN Project, has the participation of more than fifty entities, associations, and companies which offer more than 60 activities and tourist experiences that have been put together in a catalog presented in January 2019 at FITUR.

The objective of this new phase is to strengthen the program in the five pilot locations where it is being undertaken: Cáceres, Jerez de los Caballeros, Plasencia, Trujillo, and Zafra.

To accomplish this, various actions will be carried out to support the participating companies, promote the exchange of good practices between companies and members of the program in the different municipalities, attract new participants that will bring about new experiences and activities to offer travelers, generate marketing materials that help with promotion and dissemination, evaluate the knowledge and opinion of clients on this initiative, and prepare an updated catalog of experiences that will be presented in January 2020 at the next edition of FITUR.

This consolidation phase will begin next week with the convening of the meetings of the local committees, made up mainly of representatives of the local governmental offices and participating companies.

Urban Birding revolves around the lesser kestrel, a bird that, due to its uniqueness, has caught the attention of ornithological tourists from much of Europe where it is considered a rarity.

The fact that its habitat is the urban environment in general and historical buildings in particular allows us to combine, from a tourism standpoint, cultural heritage and ornithology.

Urban Birding is promoted by the General Directorate of Tourism of the Government of Extremadura, with the participation of Laruinagrafica as a partner of the Life ZEPAURBAN project led by the General Directorate of Sustainability.