The Libraries, Museums, and Cultural Heritage Authority of the Regional Government of Extremadura is starting investments to strengthen the roof of the Church of La Purificación in Almendralejo. To this end tenders are being sought for works within a budget of 89,000 euros; tenders may be presented by interested companies until 12th September.

The project has a completion period of two months once the contract has been awarded and will make use of the period when the birds are absent to work on approximately one third of the roof of this building, which has been declared an Asset of Cultural Interest. This is the part nearest the tower and the repairs will involve the inside material, the tiles, and naturally the reconstruction of the lesser kestrel nests. The work is part of action C2 “Adaptation of the nesting substratum in buildings managed by the Libraries, Museums, and Cultural Heritage Authority”.

All action to be tackled has been thought up and will be supervised by the Libraries, Museums, and Cultural Heritage Authority and the Environmental Authority with advice being given by Environmental Defence (Defensa del Medio Ambiente, DEMA), all of which are members of the LIFE-ZEPAURBAN project. Indeed these works, which will be the first of a long series in other urban ZEPAs in Extremadura, will lay the foundations so as to allow the development of the protocols for carrying out maintenance work on heritage buildings holding lesser kestrel breeding pairs.

At LIFE-ZEPAURBAN we wish to stress the relevance of the fact that a lesser kestrel conservation project also serves to protect and reform the cultural and historical heritage of Extremadura, in this case that of Almendralejo.