As part of action A6 nest boxes are being manufactured industrially by the partner Prefabricados Extremadura 2002 and are available for installation in colonies of lesser kestrels.

Once the design phase was over, undertaken primarily by DEMA, testing was carried out in laboratories by INTROMAC, a partner in the LIFE project responsible for new materials as well as in the Church of the Purification in the SPA (Lesser kestrel colonies of Almendralejo”. The nest boxes developed in the framework of the LIFE-ZEPAURBAN project are now being produced and are ready for installation. 

It is planned to install these nest boxes as part of the conservation actions of the project (Actions C1 and C2) and they are also being provided in the framework of the Affected Report, which is mandatory for the development of the activities in buildings that are included in the urban SPA. Also, the nest boxes are being distributed within the framework of the project to interested actors (local administration, NGOs, individual people etc) for installation in the Natura 2000 network, preferably in the urban SPAs.

The nest boxes should be installed in the next few weeks, before the breeding season starts, in places where human disturbance is minimal, and access can be restricted during the breeding season.

Thanks to their design, the nest boxes can be placed easily in buildings that have appropriate features (tiled roofs, ledges, terraces etc) and can be fixed directly onto walls. Since the lesser kestrel is a colonial species, it is recommended that the largest number possible of nest boxes are installed on the same building or on adjacent buildings, preferably where there is already a colony.

It is also desirable in buildings where there are nest boxes that have deteriorated or with old designs. Buildings should be chosen where installation can be easy, without requiring additional costs.

The nest boxes can also be placed on electricity poles, but if so, it is necessary to use a special support and installation should take place well in advance.

If you know of a suitable site for installing nest boxes, do not hesitate to contact us on the email lifezepaurban@juntaex.es, providing as much information as possible about the proposed building.