Under the LIFE-ZEPAURBAN Project entitled “Management of urban SPAs in Extremadura”, a workshop will be held for construction companies that carry out works on buildings with a lesser kestrel presence.

OBJECTIVE: to discover in detail the proper way to carry out the works so that they are compatible with the presence of lesser kestrels.

WHO IT IS AIMED AT: individuals and companies in the construction sector, in particular the staff members who carry out the work (masons, laborers, carpenters, etc.).

PLACE AND DATE: the workshop will be held in Trujillo on November 7, 2019 in the afternoon at the Trujillo municipal hostel (exit 250, highway A5 towards Madrid).


Most of the construction companies that carry out works on buildings with lesser kestrel presence lack experience in this type of work as it is quite specific.  Thus, it is key for those on site to deeply understand the proper way to undertake the work and for them to have all the tools to ensure that the work is carried out without a hitch

The workshop will analyze the different materials that are specifically used in restoration work on buildings with the lesser kestrel (nests, adapted roofing tiles, putlog hole covers, etc.) and, above all, how these materials should be installed. It will be taught by construction and environmental professionals.

An initial theoretical block (30 minutes) will serve to learn about the biology of the lesser kestrel, its threats in terms of construction work at breeding colonies, urban SPAs, the Natura 2000 Network, and mandatory regulations.

In the practical part (3 hours) nests will be installed and putlog holes will be adapted with the participation of all attendees. For this, there is a replica that recreates various types of support (planks, phenolic board, sandwich sheets, onduline roofing, etc.), different types of roofing (Monk and Nun and mixed roofing tile types), as well as a replica of a wall with putlog holes.