The technicians of the LIFE-ZEPAURBAN project have detected in the ZEPA of San Vicente de Alcántara a lesser kestrel which was ringed and released in this colony in 2020.

The female identified was one of the chicks which was installed in June that year in the Release Unit located in the Church of San Vicente Mártir in order to be reintroduced into its natural habitat by means of the "Colony Environment" methodology.

The reading of the ring has told us that this bird comes from the lesser kestrel breeding centre of the “Los Hornos” Wildlife Recovery Centre (Regional Government of Extremadura) in common with 9 other individuals, all of which were released in 2020 to reinforce the releases of the LIFE-ZEPAURBAN project.

The remainder of the chicks installed in the Release Unit come from the DEMA Lesser Kestrel Breeding Centre. With these birds the total amounted to 50 individuals released in the urban ZEPA of San Vicente de Alcántara during that season.