Within the actions of the Life ZEPAURBAN project, specifically in E4 (“Image and communication of the project”) for which Laruinagrafica is responsible, is the installation of external information panels (notice boards) in each of the 19 urban SPAs that are included in the project. These have a brief description about the lesser kestrel, its identification, diet, migration and threats, as well as information about the project itself, highlighting its objectives and the importance of each SPA for the conservation of the species and for the Natura 2000 network. The contents are accompanied by a map showing the zonation in each of the urban SPAs where the panels have been installed, in which the key buildings hosting colonies are shown.

The type of notice board used is drawn from the Extremadura manual of tourist signage, specifically using the model “Identification of a point of interest or resource: monolith (ME 04A)” for static signage specifically for monuments, because of the special characteristics of the heritage protection of many of the SPAs signposted. The exception is the notice board installed at the Casa de la Enjarada, because it is situated in the countryside and thus requires a wooden board.

The boards have been located in strategic places in the urban SPAs, visible and with easy access for the public, identified by the technicians designated by the local town halls and respecting at all times historic and architectural heritage conservation. All the required permits were sought and where required, fees paid.

To enhance the value of the sign in terms of its usefulness, each one carries three QR codes in the central black band which can be scanned to access an English version of the whole content of the notice board, and additional information about the respective SPA and the webpage about the project. 

VER | Señalización informativa de ZEPA urbanas