One of the nests of the LIFE-ZEPAURBAN Project installed at the San Mateo Church in the urban SPA of the town of Alburquerque (Badajoz) has been occupied by a female lesser kestrel that was released in June 2018 at the El Millarón estate of Valencia de Alcántara (Cáceres) -- about 30 km in a straight line to the northwest of Alburquerque.

This information has been obtained thanks to the camera traps that were installed in the spring of 2019 under Action D1 of the LIFE-ZEPAURBAN Project.  In several of the photos, the ring can be clearly read, which has allowed us to determine their origin without a doubt. At the El Millarón farm --and at the initiative of the property owner--, our partner DEMA is reinforcing the lesser kestrel population and has received funding to make a lesser kestrel breeding site through aid for sustainable development from the Junta de Extremadura. It so happens that El Millarón is also a partner of the Urban Birding Tourist Product, developed within our LIFE-ZEPAURBAN Project.  The tourist product catalog offers candid photos of lesser kestrels.

To obtain these images, we have had the collaboration of the Natural Environment Conservation Agents of the Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development, Population, and Territory.